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Wedding Hair Tips for Brides-To-Be

Beautiful blond woman in image of the bride with flowers. Beauty face and Hairstyle. Picture taken in the studio

If you are a bride-​to-​be, then you know that having the perfect hair on your big day is just crucial. Those who do not understand that have probably never been a bride yet​. Looking your best on your wedding day may not be the most important thing in the world, but it sure does matter … Read More

Hottest Hair and Makeup Trends to Look Your Best This Summer

Fresh and lovely woman with wind in her hair standing in blossom garden

Summer is here, a​nd with this wonderful season comes exciting hair and makeup trends that will surely make summer more fun! With all the parties and getaways to go to, you want to make sure that you look ready for everything without exerting too much effort. And this season, that is all the rave.   … Read More

Lightening Hair Without Damaging It – Is It Possible?

Haircare. Blonde woman with her damaged dry hair wide eyed gray background

It has always been frustrating for women with dark hair that they can’t go lighter without compromising the integrity of their hair. For years we have braved going through chemical processes just wishing, at the very least, that the damage would not be so obvious.   Now what if we tell you, that we found … Read More