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5 Things Your Hairstylist Doesn’t Want to Hear

Young woman in hairdresser saloon having a haircut and hairstyle. She has long straight brown hair, wearing blue shirt. There is a hairdresser with blond hair, in one hand is holding a comb in another a bundle of hair. In the background is saloon equipment, corner for waiting customers with TV and lights on the ceiling.

As a client it is only right and actually expected of you to give detailed instructions to your hairstylist. It will take months if not years of repeated visits before a client and a stylist could reach that level of comfort and confidence for the client to just sit and say “Do your magic!”   … Read More

Hair Blunders You Should Stop Making

Closeup unhappy frustrated young woman surprised she is losing hair, receding hairline. Gray background. Human face expression emotion. Beauty hairstyle concept

Raise your hand if you watch TV commercials sometimes and wish your hair is just as shiny and long as the model. You do, of course. Who doesn’t? With the wide variety of products and the endless tips available online, you sometimes wonder which should you follow and which are just plain insane.   Well … Read More

Tips for Finding a Make-up Artist for Your Wedding!

Beautiful woman with red lipstick during make-up

Your big day is nearing and you are almost done with your preparations. Venue? Check. Food? Check. Decorations? Check. Dress? Perfect. Hair? Scheduled for trial. Now what did you miss? Your makeup! We understand that you have been too busy making sure all the other aspects of your wedding would be perfect. But you have … Read More