7 Questions to Ask Your Makeup Artist

Make-up artist applying the mascara to model. Close up.

Whether it is for your wedding, or a company get-together this coming holiday, there is nothing wrong with wanting to look your best. And while you are already beautiful, these special occasions simply require more than your usual look. To look extra special, you’d want an exceptional makeup artist to help you.


You’d want to interview prospects to know that you got the right person to do the job. While that is a perfect idea, you should also be prepared to ask the right questions to get the answers you really want to hear.


  1. Have you worked with my skin type and tone before?

You don’t know how important this question is, especially if you have extremely oily or dry skin. If your tone is a bit lighter or darker than usual, your needs will be different. A well-rounded artist would have hydrating and mattifying products, as well as a range of foundations in different shades, and other makeup products that are suitable for every skin tone.


  1. Can we do a trial before the event?

This is often a request for weddings. Some of the best artists offer this as part of their bridal package. This should always be answered with a yes. But do not expect for it to be free of charge. This is, after all, for your peace of mind, knowing that you would look exactly how you want to look on that special occasion.


  1. Should I bring the accessories that I’ll use?

This, too should be answered with a yes. They do play a part in how your overall look will come together, so the artist should definitely be able to visualize everything.


  1. What kind of preparation do I need to do prior to the big day?

A good makeup artist should give you tips on how to care for your skin before the occasion, and also remind you of what you need to do and what you should never do.


  1. How do you clean your makeup and your tools?

Please do not skip this question. You’d want to make sure your artist will be using clean brushes and makeup on your face. You’d hate to find you got pink eye the day after, right?


  1. Do you want to see pictures of some ‘looks’ that I already like?

This is a simple way to know whether the artist’s goal is your satisfaction. While you should expect that your artist would try to create an original look for you, his or her agreement to see the look or looks that you want to achieve means your preference is a priority.

  1. Will there be any possible extra charges?

Most reputable artists and salons like Farnaz Hair & Makeup Studio try really hard to make the prices as cut and dry as we can. You would be presented with options, though, that are out of the package, not to upsell but to achieve the best possible look for you.

There you go. Seven questions to start with on your interview with your makeup artist. Do you have any questions in mind? Let us know!