Bad Hair Day Solutions

Dark skinned young woman combs her hair brush

Everyone faces bad hair days, some more often than others. The feeling is the same though, whether you wake up to a bad hair day on your first day of school or the morning of your big presentation at work – it’s frustrating to the point of being depressing.

Instead of wasting minutes of your precious time wailing or quickly jumping into the shower in an attempt to fix things, read this blog first and find out some easy tricks to conquer bad hair days.


Electrocuted Look

You either slept with your hair wet, or you haven’t washed your hair in days and your strands are now protesting. Whatever the reason is, you wake up and you stare at the mirror wondering if sometime while you were sleeping you got electrocuted. Hopeless? Not really. The trick is pretty simple, actually.  Just braid your hair! Braids look better when your hair is textured or a bit dirty anyway.


Messy Frizz

This is quite common especially now that it’s getting colder by the day. While this can be prevented by applying conditioning mask weekly or leaving your conditioner in for a minute or two longer than usual, you might still wake up with frizzy hair. How to deal with it? Spray a bit of hairspray on your brush and run it ever so lightly over your hair, taming your fly-aways as you go.


Greasy Hair

You have oily hair. There is only one way to battle all the grease on those tresses – use dry shampoo! This is exactly what it is for.  Just lift your hair lightly and apply on your roots, let the shampoo sit for a minute and brush it out. Voila! It’s like magic, eh?


Mad Hatter

Do you comb your hair perfectly and put on your beanie or hat ever so carefully so as not to mess up your hair part? If so, you are doing it all wrong! Doing so will only leave you with an unsightly mark where your hat had matted down parts of your hair. What you should do is to push your hair to the opposite side of where you normally have your part. Switch it back when your take off your hat. Weird, but it works!


Flat Hair

A curling iron is your best weapon. But for those days when you do not have an extra minute to spare, just flip your hair upside down, quickly blast your roots with hot air and flip back. That should give your flat hair some life.


Bad hair days are inevitable. But one way to prevent having one is to care for your hair with treatments and a really good haircut. Farnaz Hair and Makeup Studio is the place to go if you want to get the best treatments, cuts, and styling. Visit us soon!