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Create a Signature Look!

Bright fashionable makeup. Nice young girl model with dense, curly hair.Seducing,sexy look.

Being able to have a signature style is truly fulfilling – it is a clear sign that you have found and your own your style, that you are confident and comfortable with yourself.   To create a signature look, it is not important to just build a wardrobe filled with flattering pieces. After all, style … Read More

Top Holiday Hairstyles to Try

Portrait of young beautiful woman with curly prom hairdo in vintage style

Holiday parties are held at almost every corner, and chances are, you’d be invited to some if not most of them.  While the thought is very exciting, you must admit that you also have every reason to panic. Why not? You need to figure out what you should wear to each party, what makeup to … Read More

What You Need to Know Before You Get Your Hair Dyed

Hair salon. Colouring.

If you have never dyed your hair before, going a different shade could be truly terrifying. We don’t blame you, because come to think of it, a failed colouring means you wear a disaster like a crown. Nobody wants that kind of attention. But in case you’re ready, here are some of the things you … Read More

Signs You are in Need of a Hair Treatment

Smiling Asian woman having her hair washed at a hair salon.

A modern woman’s hair goes through so much damage each day, what with all the products and hot tools we use on a daily basis. But even the healthiest hair that rarely gets heat-styled or chemically processed can grow tired in time.   Ironically, we seem to know all the ways we can damage our … Read More

Bad Hair Day Solutions

Dark skinned young woman combs her hair brush

Everyone faces bad hair days, some more often than others. The feeling is the same though, whether you wake up to a bad hair day on your first day of school or the morning of your big presentation at work – it’s frustrating to the point of being depressing. Instead of wasting minutes of your … Read More

5 Things Your Hairstylist Doesn’t Want to Hear

Young woman in hairdresser saloon having a haircut and hairstyle. She has long straight brown hair, wearing blue shirt. There is a hairdresser with blond hair, in one hand is holding a comb in another a bundle of hair. In the background is saloon equipment, corner for waiting customers with TV and lights on the ceiling.

As a client it is only right and actually expected of you to give detailed instructions to your hairstylist. It will take months if not years of repeated visits before a client and a stylist could reach that level of comfort and confidence for the client to just sit and say “Do your magic!”   … Read More

Lightening Hair Without Damaging It – Is It Possible?

Haircare. Blonde woman with her damaged dry hair wide eyed gray background

It has always been frustrating for women with dark hair that they can’t go lighter without compromising the integrity of their hair. For years we have braved going through chemical processes just wishing, at the very least, that the damage would not be so obvious.   Now what if we tell you, that we found … Read More