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2017 Bride – What Looks are In?

bride poses for photos in wedding dress and wreath

Brides are always beautiful – that is a fact that everybody would agree to. Of course, it will not do you any harm if you plan to be a trendy bride whose looks would fit both the aisle and the runway.   So, what bridal looks is trendy for 2017?   We have rounded up some of … Read More

Create a Signature Look!

Bright fashionable makeup. Nice young girl model with dense, curly hair.Seducing,sexy look.

Being able to have a signature style is truly fulfilling – it is a clear sign that you have found and your own your style, that you are confident and comfortable with yourself.   To create a signature look, it is not important to just build a wardrobe filled with flattering pieces. After all, style … Read More

Makeup Looks for the Holiday

beautiful woman wearing indian traditional outfit on white background

A holiday party is the best excuse for you to change up your look from what you usually have for work or school. Whether you are planning to meet new friends, having a reunion with old ones, or simply giving yourself a good time, you have to look on top of your game. What better … Read More

7 Questions to Ask Your Makeup Artist

Make-up artist applying the mascara to model. Close up.

Whether it is for your wedding, or a company get-together this coming holiday, there is nothing wrong with wanting to look your best. And while you are already beautiful, these special occasions simply require more than your usual look. To look extra special, you’d want an exceptional makeup artist to help you.   You’d want … Read More

Biggest Makeup Trends this Season

Close-up portrait of beautiful woman with bright make-up and dark red lips

As you watch the comeback of these colder seasons, do you sometimes wonder if it’s time you change the way you do your makeup too? If you do, then you are on the right track. Give your summer colours some rest and go for what this season asks of you – to be unique and … Read More

Tips for Finding a Make-up Artist for Your Wedding!

Beautiful woman with red lipstick during make-up

Your big day is nearing and you are almost done with your preparations. Venue? Check. Food? Check. Decorations? Check. Dress? Perfect. Hair? Scheduled for trial. Now what did you miss? Your makeup! We understand that you have been too busy making sure all the other aspects of your wedding would be perfect. But you have … Read More

Makeup Solutions for Emergency Situations

beautiful woman with curlers applying concealer above lip

A make-up emergency can hit you at the most inconvenient times. Of course, they strike without warning, too! That is why it is important that you have a few tricks up your sleeves so you can take on these disastrous moments with grace.   Have you applied a wrong shade of lipstick or find it … Read More

Why Hair and Makeup Trial is a Must for Brides

Portrait of a beautiful bride crying hurt closeup

Every time a bride-to-be comes in for a hair and makeup consultation for her big day, we get asked if a bridal makeup and hair trial is necessary. We always answer yes, and for a good reason.   It is one of the most important events in your life and we want to make sure … Read More

Makeup Looks that Make You Look Older

Portrait of a happy woman putting on makeup, looking into the mirror in his hand

Women know that when it comes to enhancing beauty, makeup is the quickest answer. What if you’re doing it wrong and instead of making yourself look young and fresh, you are actually adding numbers to your age?   There is no magic makeup trick that works for everyone, what with all the differences we should … Read More

Hottest Hair and Makeup Trends to Look Your Best This Summer

Fresh and lovely woman with wind in her hair standing in blossom garden

Summer is here, a​nd with this wonderful season comes exciting hair and makeup trends that will surely make summer more fun! With all the parties and getaways to go to, you want to make sure that you look ready for everything without exerting too much effort. And this season, that is all the rave.   … Read More