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Create a Signature Look!

Bright fashionable makeup. Nice young girl model with dense, curly hair.Seducing,sexy look.

Being able to have a signature style is truly fulfilling – it is a clear sign that you have found and your own your style, that you are confident and comfortable with yourself.   To create a signature look, it is not important to just build a wardrobe filled with flattering pieces. After all, style … Read More

Makeup Looks for the Holiday

beautiful woman wearing indian traditional outfit on white background

A holiday party is the best excuse for you to change up your look from what you usually have for work or school. Whether you are planning to meet new friends, having a reunion with old ones, or simply giving yourself a good time, you have to look on top of your game. What better … Read More

Top Holiday Hairstyles to Try

Portrait of young beautiful woman with curly prom hairdo in vintage style

Holiday parties are held at almost every corner, and chances are, you’d be invited to some if not most of them.  While the thought is very exciting, you must admit that you also have every reason to panic. Why not? You need to figure out what you should wear to each party, what makeup to … Read More

What You Need to Know Before You Get Your Hair Dyed

Hair salon. Colouring.

If you have never dyed your hair before, going a different shade could be truly terrifying. We don’t blame you, because come to think of it, a failed colouring means you wear a disaster like a crown. Nobody wants that kind of attention. But in case you’re ready, here are some of the things you … Read More

7 Questions to Ask Your Makeup Artist

Make-up artist applying the mascara to model. Close up.

Whether it is for your wedding, or a company get-together this coming holiday, there is nothing wrong with wanting to look your best. And while you are already beautiful, these special occasions simply require more than your usual look. To look extra special, you’d want an exceptional makeup artist to help you.   You’d want … Read More

Lightening Hair Without Damaging It – Is It Possible?

Haircare. Blonde woman with her damaged dry hair wide eyed gray background

It has always been frustrating for women with dark hair that they can’t go lighter without compromising the integrity of their hair. For years we have braved going through chemical processes just wishing, at the very least, that the damage would not be so obvious.   Now what if we tell you, that we found … Read More