Create a Signature Look!

Bright fashionable makeup. Nice young girl model with dense, curly hair.Seducing,sexy look.

Being able to have a signature style is truly fulfilling – it is a clear sign that you have found and your own your style, that you are confident and comfortable with yourself.


To create a signature look, it is not important to just build a wardrobe filled with flattering pieces. After all, style is more than just clothes, although they are a big factor as well. But for this particular blog, we’d like to focus on the hair and makeup part of your signature look. Think Audrey Hepburn’s chic hair and cat-eye or Marilyn Monroe’s unique shade of red lips. So are you ready? Here are some tips:



Similar to how you should be accepting your body shape, you should also embrace your facial features. After all, unless you are planning to go under the needle to alter something, what you have is what you would work with. Make the most of what you have. Learn and understand how to make your facial features work for you. Enhance instead of change. Focus on highlighting the best parts instead of concealing the not-so-flattering ones.



You know how fast trends change both in hair and in makeup. One day layers are in, the next it’s all about one-length bobs. Today it could be matte and tomorrow it could be glossy. If you try to follow trends every single time they change, it’s better to find a cut that really flatters your face shape and features. The same goes for makeup. While there’s nothing wrong with changing up your look every now and then, if your plan is to have a signature look, better find out what looks best on you.



You know why red lipstick has stayed stylish through these years? Because it’s a classic. No matter what shades pop in and out of the limelight, there will always be a spot for red lips. The same goes for smoky eyes and cat-eyes. For hair, you can never go wrong with a classic hairstyle as well.



Having a signature doesn’t mean you always wear the same shade of lipstick every single day, or wear the same cut of hair the whole year. Your look is more like a theme that you’re going for. Are you sophisticated, fresh, playful, grungy, boho, or retro? You can look for different ways to exude your chosen style. Find inspiration and style icons if you need them, too.



If you want to really be sure about the signature look you’ve chosen for yourself, or you want to try different looks to choose from, you would benefit from having a professional hair and makeup stylist helping you out. You can always visit Farnaz Hair and Makeup Studio! We’d be more than happy to help you find your own style – we can even help create one for you!