Signs You are in Need of a Hair Treatment

Smiling Asian woman having her hair washed at a hair salon.

A modern woman’s hair goes through so much damage each day, what with all the products and hot tools we use on a daily basis. But even the healthiest hair that rarely gets heat-styled or chemically processed can grow tired in time.


Ironically, we seem to know all the ways we can damage our hair and do them without batting an eye; but we are somewhat clueless when it comes to giving our hair the TLC it deserves. Luckily, there are amazing hair treatments that we can get to revive our hair. Do you want to know if it’s time to get one? Here are the signs you should watch out for:



If you notice hair in every room of your house, and there seem to be more on your pillow and brushes, it could be because your hair is lacking essential nutrients that it needs to grow and be strong. Prevent shedding by treating your hair with the protein it badly needs.



Do you feel like every strand ends with a split? Do you know that this can go all the way up to your roots? Fight the signs of breakage by giving your tresses a keratin treatment to help your hair repair itself and grow properly. If you are able to produce new hair strands fast, they can replace those that are prone to breakage.



This is when fine is meant negatively. If hair is fine and continues to get finer, then your cuticle is thinning too. It is not as likely to be strong enough to fight damage. A protein boost and regular supplement can help get you thicker locks.



Heat styling can definitely contribute to your hair losing its elasticity. When you lack sufficient protein in your strands, it is likely to lose elasticity. To check, pull out a strand while it’s wet and stretch it. If your hair does not pull back to its original length, you definitely need a treatment.



Bleaches are traumatic on your hair. When it interacts with your cuticle and lifts it, it can dry and weaken your hair. A good treatment can fill gaps that have been damaged by the harsh process of bleaching, and help restore its health, too.


The way your hair looks can make or break the way you look every day. As it plays a vital role in your overall appearance and confidence, don’t you think it’s only right to treat it well? If you think your hair needs attention, you can consult our experts at Farnaz Hair & Makeup Studio to know what will work best for your hair.