The Importance of Having the Right Stylist

Blonde curly hair. Hairdresser doing hairstyle for young woman in salon

Do you find yourself changing your hair stylist all the time? Is it because you are an adventurous woman who likes experimenting with different styles from different salons and stylists? Or is it because you don’t like the idea of people actually getting to know you better?

Going from one hairstylist to another after every visit is such a gamble. And no matter how long your full consultation may last, there is still a big chance that you will not be that satisfied and happy with your new hairstyle. Why is that?

The reason for this is quite simple actually. Like with any other relationships, it takes time to build one with your hairstylist. This means you need more than one – in fact probably even more than ten visits for a hairstylist to know you and your hair enough to be able to deliver a hairstyle that is truly flattering. Also, a lot is based on your previous feedbacks and your honest inputs. Additionally, if you have a regular stylist, she will be able to see how your hair has grown out or how your hair settles into new hairstyles.

That is why it is important that you find the right stylist for you – one that you will be comfortable enough with that you can talk about your preferences and more importantly, the things you don’t like. If you are not much into the idea of a stylist really knowing you, you should also know that you need not divulge all your personal affairs and stick to things that are hair-related.

Here are some great points to show you why having the right stylist to work on your hair long term is an excellent thing:

  • You’ll have someone working on your hair who has a better understanding of your needs and lifestyle
  • That person knows the quality of your hair, how your hair is supposed to be cut, treated, coloured, and more
  • Because you trust that the stylist knows about your style and your taste, you can just relax, stop worrying, and actually enjoy the service you’re getting.

Of course, before you can find a stylist that you’d choose to be your ‘regular’, you want to make sure it’s the right one. To be sure you do, go to a reputable salon like Farnaz Hair and Makeup Studio. Our team is dedicated to knowing and more importantly, remembering what our valued clients’ wants and needs are, ensuring that whenever we work on your hair, you’ll leave our salon with an extra bounce on your step and a happy smile on your face.