Top Holiday Hairstyles to Try

Portrait of young beautiful woman with curly prom hairdo in vintage style

Holiday parties are held at almost every corner, and chances are, you’d be invited to some if not most of them.  While the thought is very exciting, you must admit that you also have every reason to panic. Why not? You need to figure out what you should wear to each party, what makeup to use, and on top of that, how to style your hair.

Well, fret no more, because here we have rounded up for you some of the top hairstyles you might want to try this holiday:

Gaga Over Gatsby

This style is perfect for a Gatsby-inspired theme party, although you could say this is a modern take on the classic look. The goal of course, is a wavy faux bob, but a more relaxed one. Make sure you use on your hair before you start styling to achieve volume and hold. Create a side part. Then, section your hair and pin them up so you can start curling the first one at the back of your head. Work your way to the front, remembering that the curves should always face back (in the same direction). Once all the sections are curled, brush your hair to achieve a wave pattern. Set the waves in place using clips. Gather all your hair into a ponytail using an elastic band down until you’re almost at the tips. Roll your hair under to achieve the bob length that is most flattering for you. Secure everything with bobby pins.

Classic and Chic ‘60s Chick

Worried your hair is too short to be styled into anything interesting? Worry no more. You can actually do a lot of styles with short hair, but if you’re not that confident with your styling skills, then this one is just perfect for you. Remember how girls looked so chic in the ‘60s with their high crowns? You can recreate that and add a modern twist by leaving your hair in soft waves but with much straighter tips. Give your hair that needed pliability and texture by applying mousse on your hair before blow-drying and putting sections into rollers for the required lift for this style.

Bring On Some Braids

Yes, it’s still the year of braids. We are talking about braids of all kinds and complexities – from romantic side braids, to fun fishtails, and more. Braiding can create indentations in your hair that can be unflattering if you decide not to wear the braid after all, so it’s best that you make sure you like how the style looks on you.

It may be fun creating DIY hairstyles this holiday season. But there will always be a party or two where you need to look your absolute best. Perhaps you don’t want to leave looking great to chance for those events. If you want to be sure that you look amazing on a special celebration, better visit Farnaz Hair & Makeup Studio. We’ll bring out the best version of you!