Trendy Hairstyles for 2017

Beautiful brunette model smiling at camera

2016 had been a great year for hair, if you know what we mean – what with the range of colours and styles that had found their way to the runways and the streets of all the major cities in the world. Now let’s see what trends will take you to fashionable heights 2017 when it comes to hair.



Girls, you may have to set aside your soft waves this year and make way for its funkier sister – corkscrew curls! Whether you’ve got curls naturally or salon-made, this style is sure to be awesome! You can go with tight neat curls for work or school and then brave a grunge vibe for partying by simply backcombing.



Last year was the year of strong and bright colours, although we have seen a glimpse of how amazing pastel hair hues are towards the end of 2016. Now pastels are a mainstay for fashion colours, more specifically those shades that you would find yummy on an ice cream cone.



You can find incredible hair jewel goals from photos of models and celebrities, but you might want to tone those down a bit and have a more wearable interpretation. So perhaps you can add pizzazz to your hair with a sparkly hair band or hair clips with tiny gems. Keep the hairstyle itself pretty simple so the pieces would really be the accent of your look.



Fans of dyeing hair rejoice! You do not have to bleach your roots ever so often just so you can have the whole length of your hair in the same colour. For 2017, it is totally in to have very visible roots. You can have it softly blending and fading into your coloured hair or do it rock chick style and go for extreme contrasts.



Well, the style is actually called parting plaits which as their name suggests are plaits that are found where your hair parting should be. You can find various versions of this style rocked by celebrities these days. You can go for really small and thin plaits that are very delicate or go for the more voluminous unicorn style which sits proud atop your head’s center.


There you go ladies – five great hairstyles that would surely keep you trendy this year. Remember that when it comes to choosing a hairstyle, you should try one that you can be confident about, and it should definitely reflect your personal style!