What You Need to Know Before You Get Your Hair Dyed

Hair salon. Colouring.

If you have never dyed your hair before, going a different shade could be truly terrifying. We don’t blame you, because come to think of it, a failed colouring means you wear a disaster like a crown. Nobody wants that kind of attention. But in case you’re ready, here are some of the things you need to know before taking the colour plunge!


  1. Your colour will fade – for a lot of reasons. You should know that hair colour will fade faster if your strands are always exposed in the sun, shampooed frequently and with the wrong kind, and more.
  2. You will need touch-ups. Hair grows about half an inch every single month, so naturally, you are going to have roots that require attention every six to eight weeks. If you are too busy or you can’t afford the upkeep, the best thing to do is choose a colour that is close to your natural shade so the roots won’t be as noticeable. You can also try ombre!
  3. You really have to switch hair products. You should use shampoo and conditioner made for coloured hair. This will preserve the colour longer. How would you know which ones are meant for this purpose? Their bottles would say ‘shampoo for colour’ or ‘colour vibrancy’.
  4. Please bring photos of your desired colour. Your blonde may be different from the stylist’s blonde. It is just safer to show pictures just to be clearer about your expectations. And please, you can’t expect your stylist to know what shade Emma Stone is exactly sporting now.
  5. Clarifying shampoo is used before you colour, and definitely not after. Because this particular type of shampoo strips buildup from hair, using it will only cause colour fading. Using it prior to colouring though, turns your hair into a nice clean slate, ready to absorb whatever colour it is you’re going to apply.
  6. Red is really hard to maintain. Being a first-timer, we suggest you go for a more low-maintenance shade. Ginger, perhaps? Red is the most difficult to achieve, maintain, and get rid off. Although in some cases, it also fades the fastest. To put it simply. Red could be tricky.
  7. You can get rid of brassiness with purple shampoo. Yes, you can jump onto the bandwagon and try this miracle product, because it does remove yellow and brassy tones. Just do not overuse it, otherwise you’d overtone your hair.

We can go on and on about the things you need to know before you colour your hair. But colouring your hair is pretty much like an adventure, you learn more once you do it! But because it’s your first time, it’s better that you let a pro do it, to avoid a hair disaster. Visit Farnaz Hair & Makeup Studio for your first hair dye experience!